Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a little girl named Evolett. Ever since she could walk, she was drawn to fashion. On her fourth birthday she received a beautiful doll, with luscious blonde hair flowing nearly to the ground. To anyone else, the locks may have been mesmerizing, but Evolett’s eyes glimmered at the thought of an outfit makeover. She tore the clothes off the doll’s body and got to work. Only a couple hours later, the doll was dressed in a completely different outfit with the cutest little bows and buttons.

Evolett was proud. Her heart was set on being a designer.

Throughout her childhood, and into her teenage years she sought out beauty everywhere and added her own little touch to it. She would transform the simplest, most ordinary thing into a showstopping piece. Her sense of style and color coordination was one of a kind for such a young age. Evolett poured her heart and soul into everything she made. She was always sketching and designing dresses she wanted to wear.

After finishing high school, Evolett was blessed with the opportunity of studying at a private university, «Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore», located in one of Europe’s fashion capitals. There she received a bachelor’s in economics. Although her love for fashion was undeniable, she never really thought about it as a career, until the day she saw a billboard about fashion courses. Her inner voice was screaming at her to go and right in that moment she made up her mind. She was determined to graduate from the fashion academy. So, a couple years passed, and she received another degree from «Accademia del Lusso» an Italian school of fashion & design.Her passion for fashion and knowledge of economics provided the perfect scene for her very own brand.

Evolett is a brand that helps women cultivate an authentic, feminine presence. A brand that cares about style and doesn’t follow trends. We are about using clothing to make a statement – allowing your outfit to speak for you, showing to the world what do you stand for. Clothing gives us the power to act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise – it makes us confident. Evolett inspires women to believe in themselves, encourages the free spirit, and gives the satisfaction of owning unique pieces produced in limited quantities.